B-b-but Some of My Best Friends Are […]!!!

Carl Paladino spoke to some Orthodox Jews on Sunday (LOVE the way he pronounces “perVERTs”) about how much gays suck–oh wait, I don’t want to misquote him.  They’re totally awesome, except for that part where homosexuality is not a “valid option.”  (Remember that, kids, when you go to the sexuality ATM and try to enter the GAY code–the computer will tell you that is NOT A VALID OPTION.  It may, however, produce a suitable alternative.)

I’m having real trouble figuring out Carl Paladino.  To whom is he appealing?  Perhaps he has already ruled out the New York City vote–he could probably make money rain from the sky and still get only 20 percent.  So his strategy, I guess, is to appeal to the far religious right in rural areas.  Oh, and Orthodox Jews.  Whatever.  The Christian Science Monitor correctly points out that his comments couldn’t come at a worse time, considering the growing number of prominent gay teen suicides across the country.

This development is emblematic of the far right’s despicable attempts to straddle a line of hatred and “tolerance.”  Is Paladino really fooling anyone when he notes, as have so many bigoted conservatives, that he has a gay [sister/nephew/staffer/best friend]?  Or that he’d hire them?  Remember, he doesn’t hate gays, he just hates their ability to do things anyone else does.  Why stop at marriage?  How about communion?  The bar mitzvah?  They can’t adjudicate in a court of law, either–their sexual savagery will overwhelm their ability to make coherent decisions!

I don’t know where to lay the blame.  Hardcore partisanship?  I mean, even Dick freaking Cheney is at least kinda OK with it.  (Here I love the phrase “pro-family.”  Gays hate relatives!)  Personal discomfort?  To be fair, Carl Paladino comes across as the type of guy that hates a lot of people.  THE LAMESTREAM MEDIA?  (Ugh.)

I just wish these crazy assholes would have the guts to own their hate.  If you don’t support equal rights for gays, you don’t support gays.

As dreadful as our sexual politics are now, I can only assume that, eventually, equal rights will be a reality.  Simply because there always have been and there always will be gays in the world.  Why is this so hard to understand?


One response to “B-b-but Some of My Best Friends Are […]!!!

  1. b-b-b-b-b-b-b-ut GAYS are ruining the country! before you know it, people will be marrying used condoms and taking up musical theater! just look at how popular Glee has become. don’t tell me that isn’t a part of the GAY AGENDA.

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