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Let It B-List

Can anyone explain to me what the hell this is?  Nice to know the Twin Peaks ladies are looking good.


Talk Talk (Box)

Auto-Tune, talk box, vocoder…it’s all the same, right?


I used to think they all had the same purpose.  Then I checked out the Wikipedia page for Zapp, and learned otherwise.   Why was I reading about Zapp?  Here’s why:

Can’t get enough.  This is not Auto-Tune.  Sigh of relief.  Enjoy the song.

Alan Parsons Project 2.0

I’m on a real Gayngs kick right now.  “The Last Prom on Earth” is just a fantastic song.  Here’s a YouTube rarity–a high-quality live performance clip.  The song is a cover of The Alan Parsons Project (should I capitalize the ‘t’ in ‘the’?) and it’s pretty sweet.  I was hoping “Prom” had a video, but alas.  Anyway, enjoy.

Slooo-ooo-ooow Jamz

Before last night, the only thing I thought of when I heard the phrase “chopped and screwed” was friggin’ T-Pain.  (But this video is actually kinda cool, aside from those terrible computer-animated animals.)  But my friend Adam (hi Adam) pulled up some Sade songs that rock this technique, which is just to slow shit down and, well, screw around with it, I guess.  Anyway, we listened to “Cherish the Day” by Sade.  She’s apparently a slow/chop/screw favorite.  Here’s a bad-ass version of “Soldier of Love.”

Because Being a Belgian Sports Idol Wasn’t Enough

Unfortunate footage of Justine Henin 2.0:

You Lie!

No, this is not about that crazy guy that yelled that during the State of the Union.  It’s about Gayngs’ cover of Godley & Creme’s forgotten 80’s gem, “Cry.”  Loved it then, and love this now.