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Eatz: Peperonata

This recipe was in the New York Times Sunday Magazine a few months ago.  When I tried it, I don’t think I let the peppers roast as long as they should have.  Removing the skin was a bit more difficult than the recipe implies.  I also prepared it without fennel.  I’ve never even had fennel–I’ll throw it in next time.  Either way, I’d pair this with a more traditional bruschetta and a big salad.  Maybe you wouldn’t need a pasta dish to go with it–with fresh bread, this could be a meal on its own.

By the way, I went without the Sunday NYT this past week.  It was rough.  I feel incomplete when I’ve missed out on a Sunday puzzle.  Plus, I bet the special puzzle was not an Acrostic.  The Acrostic is always nearly impossible; the other puzzles (diagramless crossword, cryptic, etc.) are more easily completed, and more fun.  Maybe the special puzzle is available on the website…